314.00 (excl. Vat)

FASTTactical™ Training System

Article Number: 11-0080

The FASTTactical™ Training System provides all parts that are needed to train on the use of the FASTTactical™. See Additional Information for a list of these components.

All components are available separately to replenish the FASTTactical™ Training System.

Contents in a custom carrying case:
  • FASTTactical™ Demo Trainer
  • Dome (Protective Dome)
  • Target Foot-Trainer (Target Patch)
  • Infusion Tube
  • Antibuckle with Clip (Stylet Support)
  • Locking Pin
  • Reset Rod (Reset Tool)
  • Simulated Marrow (white)
  • Simstern Thin Normal

How to Use the FASTResponder Trainer

FASTResponder Training Video