199.00 (excl. Vat)

FAST1™ – Training Kit (Components)

Article Number: 01-0144-2016

The FAST1™ Trainingssystem Parts provides all parts that are needed to train on the use of the FAST1™. It is comprised of 8 components. See Additional Information for a list of these components.

The FAST1™ demo system is one of the components and can normally be used more than 100 times. The area on the simulated bone allows for approximately 20 insertions before it needs to be replaced.

Product Weight:  200 g

Contents: (1 of each)
  • FAST1 System for Training 01-1150 (RTR)
  • Target Patch 01-0126 (RTR)
  • Protective Dome 01-1104 (RTR)
  • Infusion Tube 01-0274 (RTR)
  • Reset Tool for Training 01-0136 (RTR)
  • Simulated Marrow (white) 02-0198 (RTR)
  • SimStern Normal Bone (yellow) 01-0153 (RTR)
  • Stylet Supports (2 Pieces) 02-1118 (RTR)

FAST1 Training Video

FAST1 Actual Use Video