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About Us

It’s not just about us as a company.  It’s about “All of Us”, which means we include you, our experts in hospital, pre-hospital and front line emergency care.

In 2003 “we” recognized that within the European emergency healthcare market there were unmet needs, specifically related to trauma patients.  Active wars were ongoing with terrible injuries and loss of lives.  Emergency medical product development was at one of its most significant times in history.  Battlefields do not have exclusivity on injuries and loss of life.  Civilian trauma and injury can be equally as catastrophic as war inflicted injuries.  The innovative and life-saving emergency medical products available in war-torn areas were not available in our communities in 2003.

This was the start of Medical Sales Consultants Austria GmbH (MedicalSCA).  We knew our focus had to be on providing all of us, here at home, the same advanced life-saving products that were available to our militaries.  As time passed and technology advanced, it was easy to see there were also “best technology” products that were not based specifically on military needs.  All of this guided us to develop a strong foresight toward meeting critical needs and keen eyes for recognizing the best products to meet those needs.  We saw the most urgent needs being the ability to stop bleeding and to prevent / treat hypothermia.

As healthcare providers we have similar goals with the hope of doing our very best for those who need our help.  This is what makes us “one team” and one “about us”.  MedicalSCA promises that our contribution will be knowledge, excellence and commitment to the “one team” and the one “about us”.

Here’s some insider MedicalSCA information to help you better know your team members:  Doris McGirt, company founder and owner, is an American, and a long-time supporter of the U.S. military.  By 2003 Doris had been living in Europe and calling it her home for eight years.  Because Europe was her adopted home and the EU militaries were fighting alongside the U.S., her loyalties also extended to them.  As a hospital nurse for 30+ years, Doris worked in several countries during some of the wars of the 1990’s.  Seeing first-hand the devastation, injuries and lives lost often due to lack of emergency equipment or the right supplies, resulted in her recognition of the need for MedicalSCA.  Doris has a commitment to thinking out of the box, not only to identify products that best meet the needs but also ensuring those products are readily available.  Doris believes “It’s good to do things differently.  There’s no reason to do things like everyone else”.

In 2004, Walter Walla, from Vienna Austria, joined the MedicalSCA team.  As a 30 year veteran of Vienna Ambulance, Walter was very experienced in the civilian “street” need for the products that MedicalSCA could offer.  Walter’s first-hand knowledge of pre-hospital emergency care and the needs through-out the EU are a driving force behind the products we supply.  His enthusiasm for what he does is infectious and his respect for his customers is limitless.  Walter is constantly meeting with customers and keeping abreast of innovations in the field.  His expertise and incorporation of MedicalSCA company values enables us to focus on the best “team care” we can deliver across all areas of emergency healthcare providers.