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QuikClot® Hemorrhage Control Trainer with Biofeedback

Article Number: 529

QuikClot® Training Systems provide users and potential users of QuikClot® products the ability to train more effectively in the use of QuikClot®. The Training Systems are available in different variations, based upon product need and the intensity of training. The two most basic Training Systems includes a sturdy mannequin with simulated gunshot entry and exit wounds and also a deep cut wound. These allow the trainee to practice the "art of wound packing".
The Training System with Biofeedback has a mannequin on a stand with a single deep wound. Inside this wound is a pressure sensor and it is used in conjunction with the tablet computer, depicting the amount of pressure that the trainee is applying with wound packing. The graphic display gives exact information, allowing the trainee to clearly recognize what they should feel in their hands and arms to "really" apply the correct amount of pressure to a single deep wound. The result is a much more comprehensive reality to what needs to be done when packing a deep bleeding wound.

Carrying Case with Mannequin on Stand, Tablet Computer with Software
Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 20 cm
Weight: 11.5 kg
NSN Number: 6510-01-642-7321