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FAST1™ Training Kit

Article Number: 01-0144

The FAST1™ Training Kit comes in a carrying kit and provides all parts that are needed to train on the use of the FAST1™. It is comprised of 8 components. See Additional Information for a list of these components.
The FAST1™ system for training is one of the components and can normally be used more than 100 times. The area on the simulated bone allows for approximately 20 insertions before it needs to be replaced.

The FAST1™ intraosseous (IO) infusion device was the first sternal IO system available, introduced in the early 1990's, and remains the gold standard today. In 2010 the American Heart Association
(AHA) and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) added IO access to their guidelines. The FAST1™ has been in use by the U.S. military since it became available and it is their number one IO
Sternal access provides a simple and reliable location for IO. There is a rich supply of red bone marrow, compared to the yellow bone marrow of extremities. Sternal IO use rapidly returns blood
and any administered fluids and medications through the superior vena cava directly to the heart. Additionally sternal infusion into red marrow is less painful then that of extremities because yellow marrow is more dense and less elastic.
The FAST1™ introducer is compact and uses the manual insertion of the medical provider, with no reliance on batteries. There is an automatic depth control of 6 mm into the bone and it is approved
for patients 12 years and older.
Placement of the FAST1™ does not interfere with manual or automatic chest compression.

Contents: (1 of each)
  • FAST1 System for Training
  • Target Patch
  • Protective Dome
  • Infusion Tube
  • Reset Tool for Training
  • Simulated Marrow (white)
  • SimStern Normal Bone (yellow)
  • Stylet Supports (2 Pieces)

FAST1 Training Video

FAST1 Actual Use Video