42.68 (excl. Vat)

Poc-Kit Evacuation Litter

Article Number: PK-B

The Poc-Kit is a versatile solution in portable stretchers. Contained in a draw-string pouch that can be attached to a rescuer's belt, it can be deployed in seconds and saves vital minutes in emergency casualty evacuation. When the stretcher has been deployed and in use the pouch can be used for carrying other equipment and supplies. The Poc-Kit is manufactured in a Microlight material and can also be used as a tent and for ground and concealment coverage.
The Poc-Kit is machine washable but should be checked for any damage prior to repeat use.

Packaged Dimensions: 9 x 18 cm
Dimensions Opened: 195 x 105 cm
Product Weight: 250 g
Supports weight up to 150kg
Reusable - machine washable