23.30 (excl. Vat)

Rip Shears (FireFly) on Orange Shears / Black Blades

Article Number: RS-3F

Described as the world's fastest trauma shears, the RipShear® Ripper was developed by, and before coming to market, tested by the U.S. Navy Seals. The ripper will cut through multiple layers of
clothing, boots, leather, denim, wetsuits, chemical / radiological clothing , bandages, seat belts and more. The RipShears® Ripper is constructed of tungsten-coated 440A steel and is attached to a
high-quality trauma scissor. The trauma scissor allow the rescuer to have a 2nd use of the RipShear® Ripper in a more "traditional" scissor fashion and the scissor has non-reflective blades. The
design of the RipShears® Ripper avoids injuries to both casualties and rescuers and can be used by both right and left handed rescuers. The blades of the Ripper remains sharp five times longer
than commercially used surgeons steel, but if needed replacement blades are available. Both the RipShear® Ripper and attached scissor are autoclavable up to 132° C.

The RipShears® Ripper Firefly glows in the dark.

Rip Shears Training Video