15.33 (excl. Vat)

SMARTSAFE™ Patient Property Bag

Article Number: 73250

SMARTSAFE™ is an innovation in the safekeeping of your patients' private belongings. Appropriate for use in pre-hospital, intrahospital and interhospital patient movement, the SMARTSAFE™ provides both security and documentation of patient valuables.
Each SMARTSAFE™ bag is made of a tough, tear-resistant plastic and is approximately 26 x 33 cm in size. The bag is sealed with an attached adhesive strip. Along the top edge is a strip that can
be torn away and used as a patient bracelet, allowing caregivers to quickly recognize this patient has valuables located within the facility. A barcode on the bracelet and the bag assist in finding the location of the SMARTSAFE™. Additional barcode stickers are on the bag that can be used for larger items and also placed inside the patient's chart. The SMARTSAFE™ bag allows for handwritten documentation of each item that is contained within the bag and to note any patient transfers.

Pack Quantity: 25 Pieces
Pack Dimensions: 27 x 42 x 2 cm
Pack Weight: 500 g
Single Use Product