Welcome to Medical Sales Consultants Austria GmbH

We are the distributor of high-quality emergency medical products throughout Europe. Our goal is to provide innovative products of the highest quality with a strong focus on individual and personalized customer service. We bring together products from the United States, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom and Sweden to meet the special needs of those providing emergency patient care in a multitude of environments.

Our company believes that if a product is used in the most challenging military environments then it is no doubt the best for civilian clinicians and rescuers to use closer to home. For that reason, our customers are diverse and in many clinical settings. We work with civilian EMS ambulances and helicopters, militaries and other government agencies, mountain rescue organizations and hospitals. In addition, we serve the needs of private individuals seeking outdoor adventures, those who know that to play hard they need to stay safe.

Our products have been researched and developed by clinicians and rescuers who have experienced some of the worst care scenarios. Focusing on the critical need for something they did not have, each product developer has made something to help us all, providers and patients. We greatly appreciate the dedication and effort of these product developers. Because of them, Medical Sales Consultants Austria GmbH is confidently able to provide our customers with the best of the best.

To our varied and diverse customers, we value the trust you put in us and our products. You have our admiration and we appreciate your commitment to do the best with the best.